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Two reasons why you should do things the right way: faster time-to-market and easier product development. And with Taipuva consulting, you’ll find the right way.

Who is Taipuva?

Operating in Tampere, Finland, Taipuva Consulting is specialized in improving the competitiveness of your product development and functions associated with it. We analyze your working processes and offer an agile solution to develop them. By investing in development of your processes and tools you’ll get unified, high-quality practices that make your R&D machine run faster and smoother.

How can Taipuva help you?

A common problem is that even when you acknowledge that there is room for improvement in your product development processes, there is simply no time to renew them. It’s like trying to fix a bike and ride it at the same time. With Taipuva, you’ll get to use our insight and experience as we take charge of the renewal process.

All different, all the same

Our expertise in product development practices will help you untangle your development projects. No matter how specialized your field is, the basic challenges in the background are familiar to us. That’s why we can promise you more agile product development, less documentation burden and your staff can enjoy their work.

We rely on Polarion

For clearing up your processes, our software tool of choice is Polarion. It’s proven by a million users around the world. Polarion documents the process as you go, making reporting and certification simpler. Traceability between different things is seamless, which helps reducing your manual routine labor.

What makes us tick?

At Taipuva, we are driven by the desire to deliver real results. Making your R&D staff’s day easier and reducing the risks involved in product development is what makes us tick. So go ahead and contact us to speed-up your product development!

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Pasi Ahola

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